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Chess Engineering Celebrates 50 Years in Business

05 August 2021

Steel Australia recently featured an article in their Winter 2021 edition celebrating Chess and its time in the industry. What follows is a brief overview of the article and our achievements through the years thanks in large part to our core business values.

For Chess CEO, Steve Facer there are three key elements to the Chess formula for success.

“We have three rules at Chess Engineering. Number one: deliver superior customer service at all times. Number two: no idiots—this applies equally to staff, suppliers and clients. Number three: innovation. This is often the hardest to manage, because the day-to-day operations and jobs always get in the way. Also, we take safety seriously. At Chess, safety is not just a goal—it’s a value,”.

Chess was established in the late 1960s and over the decades has grown substantially in many areas, boasting a diversity in both our clients and projects. Chess focuses on offering leading engineering solutions in both our Sydney and Perth facilities and over the years we have developed into a specialist in fabrication, machining and fitting. Not content to remain in one area we have always pushed ourselves to improve and branch out into other areas. We want to be able to offer our clients the best, and that means continually improving our knowledge and skills. As discussed by CEO Steve Facer in the article,

“We’ve also just started moving into the Defence industry. We are close to securing certification to DIN 2303 Welding and allied processes – Quality requirements for production and maintenance companies for military products. We’ve also applied for some grants and invested in CAPEX”.

To check out some of our past project success please take a moment to read some of our previous posts on our News page.

“We’ve worked on some of Australia’s most notable projects, including the Eastern Distributor, the M5 and the Sydney Harbour Bridge,” said Facer. “One of the most notable projects we’ve worked on was the replacement of Sydney’s historic Meccano Set intersection structure. As proud members of the Sydney community, we are happy to have worked on such an iconic and familiar roadside structure. Trusted by Transport for NSW to complete work on time and within budget, we gave the Meccano Set a new lease on life that motorists will enjoy for decades to come.”

To find out more and read the full article click here.