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Our Abilities

Chess Engineering offers leading engineering solutions in Sydney and Perth. Our group of mechanical engineers specialise in fabrication, machining and fitting tasks. We span industry sectors, from structural steel to specific parts for rail, mining, food and defence.

Our Sydney office caters to a broad spectrum of needs, while our largest cranes and machines are located in Perth. We have fabrication experience in heavy boiler shops, sheet metal, mild steel, stainless steel and other materials. One of our highly specialised fields is flame proofing equipment and parts.

Chess Engineering operates under stringent HSEQ compliance policies:

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At Chess Engineering, safety is our primary consideration as we value the safety of our staff at all times. Our team aims for tier one compliance status. Safety is integrated into our procedures and IT systems and easily “lock-steps” with our key clients. It is the top priority on our continuous improvement process (CHIP – Chess Improvement Program).

Our Culture

Chess Engineering is committed to superior quality standards, reliability, and producing better engineering solutions for all clients. We develop teamwork and enter into long-term relationships with our partner base. Chess offers a full array of comprehensive engineering solutions backed by competent professionals and compliant HSEQ and ERP systems. We’re here for the long term to ensure your business success.

Key values include:

  • Reliability. Quality. Safety.
  • Agility. Flexibility. Solutions.
  • Customisation. Service. Listening.

Our Passion

Chess Engineering is here to create value and make a difference based on the following key drivers:

  • Working with clients, not customers
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Respect for clients and team members
  • Avoidance of complications
  • Innovation and “keeping up” with new developments
  • Trust, openness and relationships