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  • Rail

    We offer more than 20 years of deep engineering expertise in the rail sector, including rail passenger fleet parts overhaul and maintenance.

  • Infrastructure

    Infrastructure is our fastest growth sector, with emphasis given to quality welding and accurate workshop fabrication for timely delivery.

  • Mining

    We offer more than 20 years of experience in the mining sector, which is a particular specialisation of our Perth team.

  • General Engineering

    We offer a range of general engineering services across multiple industry sectors.

  • Food Sector Manufacturing

    Food processing is our second-longest-running market, with our professional services exceeding 50 years.

  • FlameProof

    Flameproof engineering is a highly specialised domain. We work strictly based on uncompromised standards in order to provide reliable and serviceable vehicles.

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  • Design / Drafting

    We solve complex issues across industry sectors by developing one-off design solutions and certifications. Chess can offer 3D modelling, detailed shop drawings, and drafting services.

  • Project Management

    Project management is a differentiating factor at the heart of every successful client relationship. Once we receive an order, a project manager is assigned to coordinate all aspects of the job.

  • Fabrication

    Fabrication is the cornerstone of our business activities. We have separate workshops that concentrate on all aspects of sheet metal, heavy fabrication, machining and fitting.

  • Installation

    Our installation services are mostly focused around two areas: factory equipment, including shutdowns, and site installation typified by road signs, gantry structures, barriers, railing and heavy plates.

  • Maintenance

    For off-site projects, we will set up remotely to fully cover the client’s requirements. This usually means we are site-based or working across several sites, including appropriate tradespeople (e.g., fitter, welder,fabricator, rigger, etc.).

  • Consultancy

    We offer a professional consultancy and compliance service for site inspections, including the following reports:



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