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  • Steve Facer


    Most of his experience comes from working overseas with large multinationals in the field of agricultural chemistry. In a lucky brain snap, returned to Australia in 2002 and bought Chess Industries. He likes positive, continuous change, asks “What’s the answer?” and enjoys the team environment.

    PS Wishes he could play golf better.

  • Elham Haddo

    NSW General Manager

    With a Master degree in Mech. Eng. and some years as Project then Engineering Manager, she combines well her technical and practical knowledge with strong interpersonal skills. Elham very much enjoys continuous learning and is now completing an MBA.

    PS Chocolate will always win her smile

  • Akbar Gilvan

    NSW Operations Manager

    A critical thinker with a Masters in engineering and particular experience in Infrastructure. His years of experience are supported by qualifications in P.M.P. and Six Sigma Green Belt. Akbar’s role is to facilitate workshop efficiency with emphasis on DIFOT.

    PS Loves football and whiskey.

  • Bill Demertzis


    Bill has a highly energetic and enthusiastic personality who enjoys engaging with clients to solve their issues and provide them with solutions. He is an accomplished and highly effective professional, adept in Project Management and Engineering with an extensive background in the rail industry previously working for UGL and Downer.

  • Anoer Abdulwahab

    NSW Technical Manager

    Anoer is the Technical Manager for Chess Engineering (NSW) at Padstow. Raised as an apprentice at Chess, then our team Kellogg supervisor followed by sheet metal shop Foreman and onto Production Manager. Now he is Technical Manager – a role purely dedicated to providing practical solutions to our most key clients. High energy, practicality and engagement characterise his style.

    PS Loves collecting, tidiness and Ford muscle cars.

  • Narendra Vyas

    Production Manager

    A through and through production person who loves seeing works progress through the factory. Narendra comes from a much larger plant in India so he is another person unafraid of larger projects.

    Narendra is very much a case of “still waters run deep” personality, being a very analytical thinker and problem solver.

    Music is his anti-stress medicine as the music his knees played while running was less soothing.

  • Sergio Torrejon

    Financial Controller

    Sergio is an odd bird – an accountant who is highly people orientated! He loves nothing more than to roll up his sleeves and get into the details of solving whatever the issues may be, and if it involves teamwork, even better.

    He has a good level of experience across large multinationals and local SMEs.

    On teamwork he says: different people have different opinions enabling better outcomes.

    Give him Spanish food any day (Empanadas, Pastel de Choclo).

  • Paul Gould

    WA General Manager

    Paul was promoted from Operations Manager to General Manager. An obviously intelligent operator who pays attention to details and clients. His considerable experience across the resources sector and general engineering means he is quick to understand the job at hand.

    He recognises he has a good team of self starters and feels exceptional results will flow.

    Privately, Paul likes to watch AFL live and loves testing out different breakfast cuisines on weekends.

  • Chris Dunwell

    Human Resources Manager

    Over 30 years of H.R. experience makes Chris a valuable encyclopaedia of all things H.R. His experience spans the U.K. and Australia. A Masters degree expands his competencies.

    Chris brings a calmness and depth which works very well for us.

    A keen thespian, one may often find him on the stage or working the lights.

  • Mark Percival

    Senior Production Manager (Perth)

    Chess WA’s Production Manager enchants all visitors with his depth of knowledge in the type of works undertaken by Chess in Perth. Mark’s knowledge covers all aspects of manufacturing, site installations and transport offering turn key solutions to customers. Runs a workshop exceptionally well.

    PS loves fishing.

  • Ian Veltman

    BDM – Defence

    With a degree in electrical engineering and a MBA, Ian is highly experienced business development professional who has worked in the defence sector and other industrial sectors.

    Ian has worked for Tier 1 defence companies including Siemens Plessey Electronic Systems (now part of BAE) and Thales Australia in the defence sector.

    Ian loves fishing and enjoys the Formula 1 car racing.