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Spring Balancers

Spring balancers are the perfect tool for reducing employee fatigue whilst increasing productivity and safety. They can be used to support welding guns, spray guns, hand tools, crane pendant controllers and other item of equipment that requires support.

Existing safety features:

Safety pin: Stops and locks drum pulley in the event of spring failure
Additional eye: For fixing secondary support chain remains.


New safety features

  • Enclosed body: prevents industrial accidents between revolving drum and the body.
  • Wire arrest mechanism (HWA Series): In the unfortunate event of accidental dislodging of the suspended weight, this mechanism will lock the last revolving drum pulley and the wire rope assembly will be stopped with a maximum of 20cm travelled.
  • Body liner: To prevent wear of the slot of the spring balancer body, a split type nylon liner for wire rope has been introduced.
  • Easy adjustment of spring tension: The gearbox position has been rotated through 90 degrees so that spring tension adjustment can b made by working in vertical axis.