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Air Compressor Engine Driven – Exchange Only


Pneumatic System

Used as part of the pneumatic system

This part is used to compress the air from the environment into the Air Tank Reservoir at a pressure of 10 bar. It operates by sourcing power directly from the engine. However, because of this configuration, it is difficult to also run an alternator to power an electric system as there is no more available room near the engine. As such, this model of air compressing unit is in the process of becoming obsolete. Another model that can be used, which is more widely used is the “Air Compressor Hydraulic Driven”.

Because this model of Air Compressor is dated, CHESS Engineering is only able to replace ones that are currently in use. After receiving the old Air Compressor CHESS Engineering will exchange it for previously recondition Air Compressor in perfect working order. We will then recondition the Air Compressor we received from you in the exchange, so it can be used again at a later date.


Size: 200 x 200 x 300mm

Weight: 8kg