Australian Flameproof Services

Flameproof custom designing solutions

Flameproofing has been a division of Chess Industries for the last 40 years, custom designing solutions to cater for specific client needs. Operations undertaken are always within industry requirements, implementing the most recent standards including AS2359.12 in designs. Chess maintains an extended relationship with several major forklift brands, providing flameproofing services to both electric motor and internal combustion engine units. This is essential for materials handling equipment, particularly in hazardous environments, that must be IECEx certified.


Australian standards compliance modifications.

Listed below are the main modifications performed by Chess to thoroughly comply with the Australian Standards:

  • Inlet manifold (1): Tested and modified to withstand high pressures
  • Stainless steel exhaust manifold (2): Water cooled
  • Stainless steel exhaust pipe (3): Custom made to absorb the engine’s vibration
  • Exhaust conditioner: Safely cools exhaust gases while reducing 1/3 CO and 1/28 diesel emissions
  • Mechanical gear change (4): Hydraulic conversion
  • Temperature monitors (5): Shutdown after exceeding critical temperature
  • Normal Engine Stop: Mechanically operated fuel shut off valve
  • Air inlet strangler (6): Automatic emergency engine shut off near flammable gas
  • Operator restraint interlock: Pneumatic or electrical preventing start up
  • Transmission belts, wheels, tyres, gauges, horn, flame arrester (7)
  • Electrical circuits (8): Replaced by IECEx certified circuitry
  • Starting system (9): Remote electric start system; remote air start system; on-board air system
  • Cold start facility (10): Modified glow plugs system
  • Electrical system (11): IECEx certified alternator allowing electrical options
  • Work lights, flashing beacon, and speed alarm: IECEx certified
  • Reverse alarm (12): Pneumatic or electrical
  • See our Flameproof Process Video.

Flameproofing Conversions

Chess has recently partnered with Italian forklift specialists EXCEN to provide AISI 316L stainless steel or copper-free aluminium alloy battery enclosures and sealed battery units. The products offered are suitable for applications in hazardous areas for battery-electric trucks. Chess also provides flameproofing conversions for all other equipment including air compressors; air pumps; etc.



Get in touch with us to learn more about our fireproofing solutions.

  • In field service available
  • Full service & maintenance manual supplied for each truck
  • Strong specialised technical advice available
  • Conducted at Chess-site in a specialised workshop
  • Kits can be supplied worldwide with instructions available
  • Created by Chess exclusive to the relevant model
  • All complete to standards
  • Non-flameproof, compliant modifications designed, manufactured and installed as requested
  • Usual Chess project management applies
  • Emphasis on close client liason

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